Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards

KACA_HeaderIMG_7406It’s that time of year again, when the kayak angling community votes for their favorite kayak fishing products and anglers. The Kayak Anglers Choice Awards are the only kayak fishing specific awards for and by kayak anglers, and while they don’t come with any money or prizes, they do bestow some pretty cool bragging rights.

We’ve been nominated again for Blog of the Year, and if you’re new to Lone Star Chronicles, I will tell you that we don’t exclusively write about kayak fishing. In fact, we write about a variety of outdoors topics, which you’d expect from a blog with a tag line like, “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish.” Despite the variety of our posts, though, Lone Star Chronicles has its roots firmly planted in the sport of kayak angling. It’s our passion and the source for many of our stories and photography. If you’re a regular to LSC, then hopefully we’ve struck a chord with you and the blog is worthy of your vote (To vote, click here: www.Yakangler.com/choice)

If you’re just checking us out for the first time, then here are ten stories we’ve published over the last 12 months that serve as a sample of our work…

Texas Mike and the Alien Lizards (October 26, 2014):

The Search (November 16, 2014):

Flashback (November 21, 2014):

The Continental (November 30, 2014):

The Graveyard (December 7, 2014):

Ike and the River Cane (December 18, 2014):

Cowboy Hats and Copperheads (December 29, 2014):

Acceptance (January 11, 2015):

The Trucks (April 1, 2015):

Texas Rising (May 30, 2015):

Tree Top Paddling on the Brazos (June 14, 2015):

Anatomy of a Flood (June 20, 2015):

Devils River Paddle – A Photo Montage (July 23, 2015):

An Oasis in August (August 18, 2015):

Fathers and Sons (September 22, 2015):

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

Fathers and Sons


You can learn a lot from a person by taking them kayak fishing.

We’d just launched from below Lake Whitney a few weeks ago, when I looked downriver and saw that Doug Maile, my fishing companion for the day, was using his kayak to tow his young son, who was in a kayak of his own.

Game Warden Field Notes

Game warden field notes 9-16-15

Photo courtesy of TPWD

Your tax dollars at work…another installment of the Game Warden Field Notes. The reports come to us courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and are compiled from recent law enforcement reports. This post was released by TPWD on September 16, 2015, and as I like to remind readers, the catchy headers are theirs, not mine…

No Rest for the Weary

As two Bowie County game wardens were leaving the county jail after an arrest, they got a call from the County

The Remembrance


Two years since, we said hello, two years since, you had to go,
My world, it turned from bright to gray, my life once here, now swept away, 
The clouds kept moving, yet I stayed, time would change, but I’d still feel,
The violent rush of disbelief, then sadness surge, and weigh on me,