Return to the Pecos – 5. The Storm

Storm HorizonLate on the fourth day we reached our old campsite, the one we’d been flooded off in 2014, and the first thing we did was to walk the camp with Robert and Underbrink, showing them where we’d pitched our tents and the overhang where we hid from the rain and planned our escape. We pointed out the

Return to the Pecos – 4. Water

Return to Pecos 4 Water (7)“Another alternative [to bringing drinking water] is to acquire fresh river water during the trip. Although the use of river water is not recommended, water taken from the Pecos could be used in an emergency if it has been purified through filtering or boiling. 

Return to the Pecos – 2. The Crew

Return to Pecos - Part 2 The Crew (1 of 1)After two years of waiting, and several months of preparation, Dan and I were finally getting back down to the lower Pecos River; our goal to paddle the entire 53-mile route from Pandale to Deadman’s Canyon and then be towed the last seven miles to Highway 90.