YakFishTV: A Fish of a Lifetime

Sailfish Breach Facing MeA few weeks back, we featured a photo of Florida pro angler Cristina Weber catching a sailfish from her kayak off the south Florida coast. The photo was actually a screenshot taken from the GoPro footage of YakFishTV’s Robert Field. It turns out that Robert, who resides in Dallas, caught a fish of a lifetime himself the same day,

Devils River Paddle – A Photo Montage

Dan on the Devils River (13)

The good thing about Texas is that there are plenty of rivers to paddle. The bad thing about Texas is that there are plenty of rivers to paddle. That’s not a contradiction. There are so many good fishing rivers within two hours of Fort Worth, that it’s become easy to paddle nearby rivers like the Brazos or the Trinity, and that can

A Rough Holiday Weekend in Texas

4th of July roundup

Photo courtesy of TPWD

According to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department news release, state law enforcement officers were busy last weekend. Collectively, they made contact with over 47,000 boaters resulting in 63 arrests for boating while intoxicated.

Other incidents encountered over the holiday weekend included nine boating accidents, recovering 

Photo of the Day – July 8, 2015

DCIM107GOPROI bet if you ask, most kayak anglers will tell you that the holy grail of kayak fishing is a sailfish. Kayaks are so well built these days that you can pretty much catch any fish from a kayak…sharks, bull reds, tarpons and feisty king…and those hook ups usually produce great photos, but few of them get my juices flowing like the photos I’ve seen of enormous sailfish, dancing on their tails, seemingly frozen in mid-air, tethered by

Game Warden Field Notes – June 24, 2015

Game warden field notes 2 6-24-25

Texas Game Warden Jason Duke on patrol in Kenedy County, near Corpus Christi. (Photo by Krystal Krenek)

TPWD just released a new set of Game Warden Field Notes which are compiled from recent TPWD law enforcement reports. The notes are published periodically and they do a fine job of educating, and sometimes even entertaining us, while reminding us that there are idiots out there. By the way, the