Photo of the Day – August 31, 2014

LSC Game Warden Kayakers

Two Texas Game Wardens kayak down the desolate Devils River, in Val Verde County. I tried searching for more information about his photo which is posted on the TPWD Game Warden Facebook page, but didn’t find anything. I do know the Devils is one of the most scenic rivers in Texas and these gentlemen get paid to paddle her. You want to talk about some job envy? In any law enforcement job, I know there’s always an element of danger, but that aside, these guys have the best job in Texas. I can’t help but wonder if they don’t keep a couple of fishing poles in the hull. You know, for lunch breaks. (Photo Courtesy of TPWD)

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


Photo of the Day – August 25, 2014

LSC POTD Aug 25, 2014You are looking at the net results of our most recent search on Lake Amistad for the gear that was taken from us by the June 20th flood on the Pecos River. Dan and I went back to the same area on Lake Amistad where his cameras had been found the week before, floating in a water-proof Pelican case. We were hoping to find our kayaks in the same vicinity, but this was all we came up with.

Whispering Death on a River

AK-River3-3If you ever plan to kayak or canoe down a fast moving river, then you need to read this article by outdoors writer/photographer Tamia Nelson on the topic of river strainers and sweepers. Nelson does a good job of describing the difference between the two, and then provides useful tips and information on strainers, which to her have a distinctive sound that she describes as

Biting the Fish that Feeds You

Opt Dee Kaminski Red Chewed by Bull Shark 4It’s not uncommon to hear of salt water anglers losing a nice fish at the boat due to sharks. It actually happens pretty regularly to powerboat anglers, but until recently I’d hadn’t heard of it happening much to kayak anglers. Enter Florida fishing guide Dee Kaminski, who guides out of a Native hybrid kayak known as an Ultimate. She was fishing one of her favorite Treasure Coast holes, following the