Chasing Alligator Gar on the Brazos

These six photos were submitted by Texas angler and airline pilot Jamie Mowrey. He and his 14-year old son were targeting gar on the middle Brazos River when he landed a 6′ 9″ alligator gar, which he caught, photographed and released (CPR).

His son caught a couple of gars including one which was in the six foot range. Again CPR’d.

Gars have large swim bladders which enable them to gulp air and live for long periods of time, up to two hours, outside the water. It also allows them to survive in water with very low oxygen levels.

Alligator gars are the largest of the gar family and can grow to ten feet long and 300 pounds. According to Mowrey, he landed the monster gar in about 10 minutes despite using fairly light tackle. He prefers light tackle and 20 or 30 pound mono with a wire leader and barbless hook.

Alligator gar have unusually hard, diamond-shaped, interlocking scales, which some people believe were used by Native Americans to make arrow heads.

Despite their ferocious looks, the alligator gar are actually docile. They do, however, have a tendency to thrash around when being handled, so the real danger is inadvertent contact with those sharp rows of teeth.

(All photos courtesy of Jamie Mowrey)

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