Are You Gonna Get Wet?

There’s a lot of stupidity (and even  more mediocrity) on Facebook these days, but my son, Dan, turned me onto one very useful Facebook profile called Texas Storm Chasers, which is a group of, well…Texas storm chasers. But besides chasing tornadoes and posting top notch storm photography (as if that wasn’t enough), they also pass lots of interesting, and good to know, weather-related information.


This Texas Storm Chasers post, for example, shows predicted U.S. rain accumulation totals for the next five days. So from this post, it looks like East Texas is going to get lots of rain, although I wish North Texas was getting more.  

Anyway, if this is the type of information you’d like to see posted on your Facebook wall, then you need to ‘friend’ Texas Storm Chasers at:  Texas Storm Chasers Facebook. They also have a  website, but my experience is that they update their Facebook page more than the website.

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