Banking it Family Style

When it comes to catching big fish, bank anglers are usually at a disadvantage when compared to power boaters or worse, kayak anglers. But judging from these pictures of Greg Strong, from Anna, Texas and his sister Melanie from Aubrey, Texas, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for them, because they seem to have mastered the art of bank fishing here in North Texas. In Gregs own words…

My sister and I fish together regularly and have put in lots of time on the water finding the fish shallow and close to the shore. The fish tend to return to the same locations every year, so we look at pics from prior years to remember where we found them before during similar conditions. Works well as a pictorial fishing diary that we use as a reference. Hopefully we will be posting more pics this spring! 

Looking forward to them, Greg. In the meantime, check these out…







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