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Lone Star Chronicles – Best of 2014

Pecos River Journal - The Graveyard 11Three years ago, my son Dan and I launched Lone Star Chronicles to document the outdoor adventures of our fellow Texans and maybe even one or two of ours. It’s since become our tradition on the anniversary of the launch to post the top 10 stories from the previous year (based on number

Photo of the Day – January 5, 2014

FB Connor Harrison Hunting Quail 1Hunter and dog face their quarry in these series of photos, and the dog’s excitement is palpable as he points dutifully, confident in his master’s ability to bring down the prey…unless, that is, he

Cowboy Hats and Copperheads

Cowboy Hats and Copperheads 4

When you live out in the country, you look at things differently than city slickers. I don’t live in the country yet, but spend enough time out there to know I’ve started thinking like a country boy. Take cowboy hats. I remember moving here to Texas, many years ago, and thinking to myself that I would never wear a

A Whitetail Christmas

LSC Whitetail Christmas3

There were reports of snow in Texas last night, and a fresh powdering just before Christmas always brings with it tales of possibility and wonder. It’s in that vein that we share this Youtube video that someone sent sent me. It’s a Christmas story of sorts, with a few snowbound deer in need of someone to follow. Yes, I know there aren’t reindeer in Texas, and I

Texas Mike and the Alien Lizards

OPT Brazos Bass 4His name is Mike Whitacre, but I call him Texas Mike, which would strike you as odd if you ever saw him in person. He stands all of 5’6” and has a soft-spoken, southern drawl, but don’t let that fool you. He fishes from his kayak with Texas size tenacity and routinely catches enormous bass as evidenced by the many videos he’s posted on his YouTube channel where he and his friends are always seen

Photo of the Day – September 14, 2014

LSC POTD 9-14-14

It’s not that we don’t want newcomers…we just want them to know the rules. 😉

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


The Fish Whisperer

LSC Fish WhispererWell looky here–it appears that Fishboy has gotten famous. Who is this Fishboy you ask? Actually, his name is Kyle Naegeli, from Katy, Texas, but I knew him by his call sign, Fishboy, on the Texas Fishing Forum. He has apparently gained notoriety for

Photo of the Day – August 25, 2014

LSC POTD Aug 25, 2014You are looking at the net results of our most recent search on Lake Amistad for the gear that was taken from us by the June 20th flood on the Pecos River. Dan and I went back to the same area on Lake Amistad where his cameras had been found the week before, floating in a water-proof Pelican case. We were hoping to find our kayaks in the same vicinity, but this was all we came up with.

A Little Too Much Magnesium

LSC Too much magnesiumI have a theory: the internet and human nature will be teaming up to bring us quality entertainment for years to come. Take this guy. Not sure where the amateur chemist learned to make fireworks, but he may have gotten a little sloppy with the recipe and the results were

I Can’t Believe They Let You Do That!

LSC Bill WhittleI’m fond of telling people that I’m not originally from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. I was actually born and raised in Los Angeles and I spent many of my adult years stationed there as well. This makes me well qualified to tell you that California is a wreck. It was a mess back then, and it’s

To Catch A Thief

LSC Phillip Tijerina3

Late breaking news: thanks to the power of social media, the now infamous deer feeder thief has been identified as Phillip Tijerina from Pleasanton, Texas. In case you hadn’t heard the story, the feeder’s owner, Tim Bieniek from Corpus Christi, posted game cam photos on his Facebook page of

Let’s Play Find the Thief

Mathis Deer Feeder5

In keeping with our theme this week–the power of social media–this story has just fallen into our lap, and so it’s time for a pop-up quiz. Tonight’s exercise is to catch the deer feeder thief seen here in these game cam shots. Apparently, homeboy here didn’t pick up on the fact that there might actually be a game cam next to the feeder he was stealing. As I’ve said before, these guys aren’t always