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Photo of the Day – January 17, 2018

We start off the New Year with an intriguing photo of a beautiful bobcat against a sunsetting Texas desert. The photo was taken by Daniel Underbrink, of Adventure on Outdoors. Daniel was also a paddling companion of ours during the 2016 return trip to the Lower Pecos River (which also included Robert Field of YakFishTV who documented the trip for his kayak fishing Youtube channel).  

According to Underbrink, he and some friends were hunting their deer lease near San Diego, Texas when he spotted the mature cat crossing the sendero several hundred yards away. Underbrink decided to try to call the bobcat in, something he typically does without the use of calls or other aids.

“I always try calling them in when I know there is a predator out there. He came running down the path, thinking he had a free lunch. I watched him for about 30 minutes and snapped some pictures as he tried to figure out what I was, and then after a while, he headed back into the brush.”Although Underbrink could have legally taken the bobcat, he didn’t in this case, saying he instead prefers to watch them these days, and if they are minding their own business, he leaves them be.

“They’re not really a threat to the cows on the lease, or the deer, for that matter, with such an abundance of rabbits. So better to watch and shoot them with the camera lens than kill them.”

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

Photo of the Day – November 14, 2017

Reveille Peak Ranch, nestled in the Hill Country of central Texas, was the backdrop for a recent Heroes on the Water event. The organization helps our nation’s warriors and veterans to unwind through the therapeutic qualities of kayak fishing. The Fort Hood chapter put on the event and provided all equipment—from kayaks to safety equipment, even the fishing gear was provided for the vets by HOW. I convinced Dan to come down with us and fly his drone, perhaps take some photos, and to my surprise, he agreed.

Photo of the Day – February 25, 2016

Photo of the Day Feb 24, 2016 PK Brazos-3Dan had spent the morning paddling against a faster than normal flow on the Brazos below Possum Kingdom. He was making his way to the dam, hoping to fish the tailrace, when he decided to beach his kayak and hike over some rocks towards a small pool of slack water he wanted to fish. Once there, he waded into the river,

Photo of the Day – September 8, 2015

0638:082215:68F:CAMERAD :2It’s getting to be that time of the year again, when suddenly those game cam pics start to get interesting. We were looking through some a few weeks ago and noticed many of the pics featured this same group of bachelors that have apparently taken up residence near my feeder. This particular photo caught

Photo of the Day – September 1, 2015

Christina Weber Rain Fishing - Lone Star Chronicles

South Florida kayak angler Christina Weber ( once again graces the pages of Lone Star Chronicles, albeit looking a little wet this time around. The photo, which was taken last May at the second annual Hobie Bass Open on Kentucky Lake, shows a side of tournament fishing not often seen in the magazine pages or fishing

The Horses of Ogden, Part 1

Horses of Ogden-6663I had an opportunity recently to visit Ogden, Utah where I spent most of my time in the old downtown area known as Historic 25th Street. Today Ogden is known for its ski resorts and proximity to Hill Air Force Base, and so most people don’t know that the Golden Spike completed the first transcontinental railroad in 1869 just fifty

Photo of the Day – August 5, 2015

POTD 8-5-15 Brazos BassAlthough I usually prefer to stay behind the camera, I wanted to share this photo of a big Brazos beauty, which I caught in some shallows below Whitney a few weeks ago. I’d been looking for an opportunity to take a nice bass photo in my Ride 135, which along with Dan’s Cuda 12, were provided to us by Mountain Sports (after we lost our boats in 

Photo of the Day – January 5, 2014

FB Connor Harrison Hunting Quail 1Hunter and dog face their quarry in these series of photos, and the dog’s excitement is palpable as he points dutifully, confident in his master’s ability to bring down the prey…unless, that is, he

Photo of the Day – December 10, 2014

LSC POTD 12-10-14 Dustin DoskocilNorth Texas photographer and kayak angler Dustin Doskocil provides us with today’s POTD. According to Dustin, he and Austin resident Ray Martinez were fishing Inks Lake during an advertising photo shoot for

Photo of the Day – November, 15, 2014

lsc potd 11-15-14 Flying FishI thought today’s POTD was pretty cool even though it’s not from Texas. The photo comes to us courtesy of Doug Aguillard, from San Diego, California who was on a whale watching boat four miles off the coast of La Jolla, when they