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Photo of the Day – October 23, 2014


A group of children prepare for some evening bank fishing in this beautiful sunset photo, courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. The photo was taken at Inks Lake State Park, in Burnet, Texas which is abut an hour northwest of Austin. The Hill Country park boasts over

Photo of the Day – September 14, 2014

LSC POTD 9-14-14

It’s not that we don’t want newcomers…we just want them to know the rules. 😉

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


Photo of the Day – September 2, 2014

LSC POTD Sep 2, 2014 Jax on BrazosIn today’s POTD, Jackson Maile–Jax for short–takes back the bass he just caught after Dan removed the hook. The 6-year old held the bass for a few photos and then released her back into the Brazos. We got to fish the river last weekend with Jax and his older brother, Garrett, as well as

Photo of the Day – August 31, 2014

LSC Game Warden Kayakers

Two Texas Game Wardens kayak down the desolate Devils River, in Val Verde County. I tried searching for more information about his photo which is posted on the TPWD Game Warden Facebook page, but didn’t find anything. I do know the Devils is one of the most scenic rivers in

Photo of the Day – August 25, 2014

LSC POTD Aug 25, 2014You are looking at the net results of our most recent search on Lake Amistad for the gear that was taken from us by the June 20th flood on the Pecos River. Dan and I went back to the same area on Lake Amistad where his cameras had been found the week before, floating in a water-proof Pelican case. We were hoping to find our kayaks in the same vicinity, but this was all we came up with.

Photo of the Day – August 14, 2014

OPT2 Pecos River Morning First Camp- Del Rio Texas - Flutes ScreenAfter a tough first day on the Pecos River, Dan awoke the next morning and climbed the rock above our campsite to get this photo of the river. Notice the abundance of dried river cane, interspersed with the green cane lining both banks. A memorial Day flood

Photo of the Day – June 14, 2014

Pecos River Drag yak Cropped“It is likely the least-visited area of Texas, since for outsiders there’s really nothing else here—the Pecos passes through, and that’s about it. On the water there are no trails or any of the little brown signs that

Photo of the Day – March 26, 2014

DCIM103GOPROI did a double take when I first saw this photo of South Florida kayak angler Christina Weber standing on the front hatch of her Hobie Outback. Most kayak anglers I know have a hard time even standing in the middle of their kayaks, and none that I know can stand that far forward, much

Photo of the Day – March 17, 2014

Dad Nap

The warm weather is coming back to North Texas at some point. Pretty sure of that. And when it does, this is what I plan to do. Dan actually took this photo last Father’s Day while on a paddle down the middle Brazos, which we had to ourselves. At the end of a particularly long and productive hole,

Photo of the Day – March 10, 2014

LSC Pecos Headlights

There’s been talk about a trip back down to the Pecos, and I was reminded of this photo by fellow blogger Scott Gartman of San Angelo. Last November Scott and his 12-year old son were camping at Seminole Canyon State Park and using the nearby National Park boat ramp as a