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Wildlife Photography Awards

Wildlife Photos of the Year Pouncing FoxNot Texas related, but if exceptional wildlife photography floats your boat as much as it does our’s, then you’re gonna like this. Each year the BBC partners with the Natural History Museum to sponsor the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year awards. A panel of judges started with about a thousand photo

Photo of the Day – October 29, 2013

LSC FA-18 Hornet

Someone sent me this smokin’ photo of a Marine FA-18D taken recently over the skies of El Centro in Southern California. Notice the SH on the vertical tail; that’s Sierra Hotel, which IDs the aircraft as belonging to the Sharpshooters of VMFAT-101 out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in Southern California.

I had the

Photo of the Day – October 24, 2013

LSC The Changing Catch

I was looking through some old pictures and ran into this one of me and Dan from back in 2009 on our inaugural kayak fishing trip. We were with Shane Davies on the upper Brazos River slow trolling a honey hole near Garland Bend and Dan was paddling about 40 yards behind me. All was quiet when

Photo of the Day – October 22, 2013

LSC POTD Moonlit Hog Hunt

With Orion the Hunter watching from the horizon, Rex Vehrs, of Flower Mound, Texas scans the moonlit landscape on a hog hunt near Graham, Texas. Dan recently had the privilege of spending some time at the Warrior Ranch compliments of Rex and the Freedom Care Warrior Project, which is

Photo of the Day – September 3, 2013

OH Ivie 01

Today’s POTD comes to us from North Texas kayak angler Mike Whitacre, who traveled to a reservoir named O. H. Ivie looking for the fat bass known to inhabit the central Texas impoundment. According to Mike, they knew they’d be dodging thunderstorms that day and sure enough, within a few hours of putting in, a storm rolled in forcing them to retreat back to shore. After getting back on the water, the threat of more storms

Photo of the Day – August 19, 2013

POTD 8-18-13 Night Tent CoastA full moon and long exposure turn night into day on this lonely stretch of beach near High Island which sits up the coast and across the bay from Galveston. Dan snapped the photo around midnight, or so, while on a recent sharking expedition with kayak fishing guide Shane Davies. I asked Dan about the

Photo of the Day – July 10, 2013

POTD-7-10-13 Sarah Fishing the Ouchita2Sarah and her friend, Haley Palasota of Fort Worth, show some canoeing teamwork while fishing the Ouachita River near Pencil Bluff, Arkansas in the western part of the state. A six hour drive from the Metroplex, this stretch of the river winds its way eastward through the Ouachita National Forest providing a scenic paddle. The rocky river has a healthy population of small mouth and spotted bass and is nestled snugly into the Ouachita Mountains making it 10-20 degrees cooler than paddling in North Texas, even in July.Off the beaten path, the Ouachita is a great summer camping destination as well as a great place to fish, especially if you have the right paddling partner.

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


Photo of the Day – June 27, 2013


Today’s photo of legendary kayak fishing guide Shane Davies was taken by his friend Kristin Bonner of Amarillo, Texas. Shane was trying to cut the leader on a seven-foot bull shark, much to Kristin’s relief, as the shark had just towed Shane a mile and a half out to sea, and despite being a strong paddler herself, it was all she could do just to keep up and shoot the fight. It took about forty-five minutes of battling with the shark to get it to breach, and that’s when Shane decided it was time to cut the leader, but not before the shark gave him one last surprise. It took a bite of Shane’s kayak, and that’s  when Kristen snapped the picture. The story as told by Shane:

Photo of the Day – June 12, 2013

Pecos River Kayak Trip 9.0Dan seems to slide across the glassy waters of the lower Pecos River. Located a couple of hundred miles west of San Antonio, this section of the river is well know for its rugged beauty and desolation, but it’s also famous for the brutal winds fed into the river basin by its high canyon walls. But every now and then, if you’re lucky, you might just round a bend in the river and hit a windless pool of deep cool water.

Dan and I have already been planning a trip down the