Photos of the Day

Photo of the Day – June 14, 2014

Pecos River Drag yak Cropped“It is likely the least-visited area of Texas, since for outsiders there’s really nothing else here—the Pecos passes through, and that’s about it. On the water there are no trails or any of the little brown signs that

Photo of the Day – March 26, 2014

DCIM103GOPROI did a double take when I first saw this photo of South Florida kayak angler Christina Weber standing on the front hatch of her Hobie Outback. Most kayak anglers I know have a hard time even standing in the middle of their kayaks, and none that I know can stand that far forward, much

Photo of the Day – March 17, 2014

Dad Nap

The warm weather is coming back to North Texas at some point. Pretty sure of that. And when it does, this is what I plan to do. Dan actually took this photo last Father’s Day while on a paddle down the middle Brazos, which we had to ourselves. At the end of a particularly long and productive hole,

Photo of the Day – March 10, 2014

LSC Pecos Headlights

There’s been talk about a trip back down to the Pecos, and I was reminded of this photo by fellow blogger Scott Gartman of San Angelo. Last November Scott and his 12-year old son were camping at Seminole Canyon State Park and using the nearby National Park boat ramp as a

Photo of the Day – March 4, 2014


Because I enjoy the solitude and slower paced fishing during colder weather, I normally do a lot of wintertime fishing, but this has not been a normal winter, and we haven’t wet many hooks lately. This presents a problem if you have a fishing blog.

Then the other day, I get an offer from Shane Davies to hit a short stretch of the Brazos River near Gholson, Texas. Hell, why not? It was a beautiful day, with a slight overcast and just enough wind to not make too much work of it. Once on the river, Shane graciously

Photo of the Day – February 6, 2014

LSC Hank Schyma Ground to Cloud Upward LightningToday’s POTD comes to us courtesy of Hank Schyma, who I had a hard time characterizing for this write up. I guess you could say he’s a tornado chasing, film making, snake loving, honkey tonking, voodoo rock musician; he’s also an

Photo of the Day – January 7, 2014

LSC POTD Pelicans DivingAlthough not in Texas, I wanted to share a very cool series of photos taken by wildlife photographer Connie Mier (Connie Mier Photography) of Miami, Florida. She photographed the diving brown pelicans while on an eight day canoe trip in the Florida Everglades with three friends over the holidays. According to Connie, the group came upon the diving

Photo of the Day – December 19, 2013

LSC Racoons1Native American lore has it that one night a raccoon donned a mask, and with a torch in hand, broke into a raven’s longhouse to steal his golden rings, which the raven himself had stolen over the years. The clever raccoon created some noise outside the raven’s house, and when the curious bird went to investigate, the raccoon snuck into the

Photo of the Day – December 18, 2013

LSC Brady Fog Yakkers

Today’s photo comes to us from Brady Sullivan of Fort Worth, who took this picture of his four kayaking companions on the middle Brazos River during last week’s cold snap. The fog on the river is caused by the colder ambient air temps wicking the moisture, in the form of a vapor, from the air coming off the relatively warm

Wildlife Photography Awards

Wildlife Photos of the Year Pouncing FoxNot Texas related, but if exceptional wildlife photography floats your boat as much as it does our’s, then you’re gonna like this. Each year the BBC partners with the Natural History Museum to sponsor the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year awards. A panel of judges started with about a thousand photo