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Let’s Play Find the Thief

Mathis Deer Feeder5

In keeping with our theme this week–the power of social media–this story has just fallen into our lap, and so it’s time for a pop-up quiz. Tonight’s exercise is to catch the deer feeder thief seen here in these game cam shots. Apparently, homeboy here didn’t pick up on the fact that there might actually be a game cam next to the feeder he was stealing. As I’ve said before, these guys aren’t always

Pecos River Hooker

Pecos River Kayak Trip 3.6

You may remember that Dan got a fishing hook embedded into his leg while on a 4-day paddle up a lonely stretch of the Pecos River back in May. Ryan was one of the paddlers on the trip, and he videotaped the hook removal.

Long story short, Dan managed to impale himself with a

Hunters Save Deer

LSC Deer Locked HornsHere’s something you’re not going to see everyday. A couple of Oklahoma hunters who while on the trail of a whitetail that one of them just shot, happen to come across two other deer whose antlers are locked–the problem is that one of the deer is dead and the other is pissed off. What happens

Die and You Become a Statistic

LCS Safety in Numbers

In a post he titled, “It’s Getting Cold Outside. Don’t Die,” kayak fishing blogger Chris Payne shared some sobering statistics from a 2011 Coast Guard report on boating deaths and the use of life jackets, or more precisely, the non-use of life jackets. He produced this

Game Warden Field Notes – October 18, 2013

LSC Game Warden Field Notes 10-24-13

Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

So many things I like about the fall, but one of my favorites is that TPWD starts publishing their Game Warden Field Notes. The Notes are short snippets of Game Warden reports from around the state, and maybe I’m weird, but I find them immensely entertaining. I also think they

Near Miss on Athens

LSC LightningIf you didn’t already know this, then let me break it to you: fishing on Texas lakes during thunderstorms is usually a bad idea. Don’t believe me? Watch this video that was just posted on of 16-year old professional angler Tucker Owings who was running back to the ramp on Lake Athens when

Boomerang on the Pecos

Pecos River Kayak Trip 0.0

“It is likely the least-visited area of Texas, since for outsiders there’s really nothing else here—the Pecos passes through, and that’s about it. On the water there are no trails or any of the little brown signs that shepherd you around a regular park. A trip down this river is one of the last real adventures you can have in this state.“ Texas Monthly (


My son Dan and I are planning a trip to the lower Pecos River this fall, so when we received an invitation from kayak fishing guide Shane Davies to accompany him on a boomerang trip on the Pecos–from the boat ramp at Highway 90 to the Pecos weir and back–it was a no-brainer to go. The trip would serve as a warm up paddle for the more daunting 55-mile Pandale trip later in the year and we’d be picking up some valuable pointers from the master himself on the logistics of floating a remote river. A few weeks later, we found ourselves driving south with Shane and a fourth paddler for a journey up a remote river said by some the be the most beautiful in Texas, maybe even the Southwest. This is the story of that journey…

The Chase

El Reno Oklahoma Tornado Chase 1

This has been a particularly brutal storm season for Oklahoma, and it appears that last Friday’s tornadoes in central Oklahoma were no exception. But Friday’s storm may go down in history for another reason altogether. In an ironic twist of fate, the science of tornado prediction and tracking has become so good that meteorologist and chasers are now able to provide real time warnings to those in the tornado path. When a television news outlet advised those without shelters to get in their vehicles and flee the tornado, the resulting gridlock may have factored into the death of at least some of those who perished in their vehicles Friday night. Included in those who perished was veteran Discovery Channel storm chaser Tim Samaras, his chase partner Carl Young, and Tim’s son, Paul Samaras. This is the first known case

Machine Shop Combat

Syrian Homemade Weapons 3

Dan and I like to follow the Syrian rebellion, which is one of the most photographed conflicts in the world today. Not surprisingly, there’s a news photography blog called In Focus ( which features outstanding examples of photo journalism from around the world. They ran a piece last month about the back shop manufacturing and use of homemade weapons by the Syrian rebels. Some of the contraptions seem antiquated and clumsy by our standards, and yes, even dangerous to use, but what the do-it-yourself weapons

Sometimes When You’re Fishing…

Sometimes when you’re fishing, strange things happen. I’m talking about the kinds of things that cause pain, injury or even worse, embarrassment (if you’re like me, it probably causes all three). One common hazard we anglers deal with on a regular basis is a hook that manages to impale itself into some fleshy part of the body. Not a prick of the skin mind you, but a hook that buries itself deep into your flesh, well past the barb. It’s painful as hell, especially if you try removing it yourself (not recommended). Then, literally adding insult to injury, you have to put up with merciless ribbing from your fishing buddies. And it continues to get worse as you’re now going to have to suffer through the dreaded weekend emergency room visit, where you will spend a good chunk of your day sitting in a waiting room, next to some old guy coughing up bits of Ebola, all the while your fishing buddies are back on the boat, catching lots of fish because guess what? The bite picked up just after you left.

That is, unless this guy happens to be your fishing boat captain when it happens…

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


The Tale of a Spent Round

I saw this video a few weeks ago and was intrigued by the story. If you are the kind of person inclined to believe in things like fate or karma, then you might like this tale of two men on a collision course with each other, and of a small but important detail in the story, a detail that forever changes the lives of both men. 

Game Warden Appreciation

It was with more than a little amusement that I posted the Best of Texas Game Warden Field Notes yesterday, and I guess I have a tendency to laugh at the expense of the low-lifes who get busted by our game wardens for being stupid. But please don’t let my attempt at humor belie the seriousness or danger of their job. If you need a recent example of that, look at what just occurred in California today. Chris Dornier, the Rambo like, ex-cop fugitive, was spotted by two California Fish and Game officers, and it was their initial chase and ensuing gun battle that led