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Return to the Pecos Mini-Series…Parts 2 and 3

Since our last post, Robert Field has released Episodes 2 and 3 of his mini-series on our return trip to the Pecos. They include a visit to our camp from the flood trip and running one of the funnest rapids on the river…Waterfall Rapids, where Dan

YakFishTV Releases Return to the Pecos Mini-Series

We’re pretty exited about yesterday’s release of Return to the Pecos – Part 1. The video, by YakFishTV’s Robert Field, is the first in a series of four that document our return to the lower Pecos River last year, two years after we

Coyote vs. Mountain Lion Video

Somebody sent me this video of a short tussle between a good size coyote and a mature mountain lion. The video was shot in western New Mexico about a year ago, and it appears these two guys were driving a snowy mountain road when they came across the two apex predators fighting it out. As they drove up, the two battling

If You Don’t Like Texas

I wanted to share this video by Texas cowboy and rising YouTube celebrity, Chad Prather. I first learned of Chad after watching his video, Unapologetic Southern, which was his response to some “northern liberals” who opined that his southern accent made him sound uneducated. The Georgia native, now a Texas transplant, apparently struck a nerve and that video went viral. In his newest video

ACA’s Stories of Survival

ACA headerThe American Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Raft, Rescue Association (formally the American Canoe Association) or ACA for short, is a nonprofit group that serves the paddling public by providing education related to all aspects of paddling. In partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard, the ACA just produced an animated, memoir-style video short that confronts some of the challenging situations

GoPro Rattlers

Rattler by Ronan Donovan

A pretty cool video just emerged on social media of someone videotaping a den of rattlesnakes with a GoPro. While I can’t determine the video’s origin with absolute certainty, it appears to have been taken by a Montana rancher named Michael Delaney who decided to give us an up close GoPro tour of a rattler infested den,

The Healthy Nature of Nature

Nature Rx-2036Science has proven that spending time outdoors is good for us. You won’t get any argument from Nature Rx, an organization that is taking that message to the next level by creating an advertising campaign about the benefits of spending time outdoors. As they point out on their website,

Trailer: River Untamed

Gartman Pic 2

Our good friend, and Pecos paddling partner, Scott Gartman (Scent of a Fisherman) just posted this trailer for his upcoming video about our misadventure on the lower Pecos River last year. Today marks the one-year anniversary of our Pandale put-in for that ill-fated trip, and Scott’s done a good job of providing his viewers with

The Bobcats of Fort Griffin

Bobcats Fort Griffin

Photo by Eric Abercrombie/Fort Griffin State Historic Site

In 1867, four companies of the Sixth Cavalry were dispatched to establish a fort in the northern part of western Texas, its mission to protect settlers from Comanche raiders. Originally named Camp Wilson, the name was later changed to Fort Griffin and the remnants of the fort’s buildings are the main attraction at what is now known as the Fort Griffin State Historic Site.

Adventure on Outdoors: Pecos River Bass Fishing

LSC Adventure on Outdoors Pecos VideoThe boys from Adventure On Outdoors will soon be back on the lower Pecos River, and I wanted to share this video they made of their last trip, taken April 2014. The group of south Texas men paddled down the same 60-mile stretch of river as we would two months later during our ill-fated Pecos flood trip. As you’ll see, though, their trip had a much


Prepare to be thunderstruck by a unique version of the AC/DC rock anthem, performed by a band from Finland of all places, but they’re not what you’re expecting. First, you have to get past the fact that they’re a Finnish band, dressed as hillbillies, covering a song about a drive through Texas, made famous by a band from

An Intense Two Minutes

What do you get when you cross an epileptic with skydiving? It used to be a bad joke but now it’s one of the most intense skydiving videos I’ve ever seen. A jump student suffers an epeleptic seizure moments into his free fall and becomes unconscious. Then his instructor does something incredible, the kind of stuff you usually only see in the movies, and in doing so manages to