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Removing WHAT from Fish?

Most bodies of water in Texas offer perfectly safe and delicious tasting fish, well suited to ‘release to the grease” as fisherman like to say around here. But in the interest of full disclosure, there are some bodies of water in certain parts of the south with just the right conditions for parasites to make their


There are two kinds of kayak paddlers: those that enjoy things like leisurely tours around rugged coast lines and maybe bass fishing quiet lakes…and then there’s these guys.

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

The Real Chris Kyle

LSC The real Chris KyleBesides breaking box office records, last week’s release of American Sniper also triggered a national debate, with many on the left left seeing the film as propaganda for military intervention in the middle east, and most on the right seeing it as a patriotic piece about the sacrifices made by servicemen

Lone Star Chronicles – Best of 2014

Pecos River Journal - The Graveyard 11Three years ago, my son Dan and I launched Lone Star Chronicles to document the outdoor adventures of our fellow Texans and maybe even one or two of ours. It’s since become our tradition on the anniversary of the launch to post the top 10 stories from the previous year (based on number

A Whitetail Christmas

LSC Whitetail Christmas3

There were reports of snow in Texas last night, and a fresh powdering just before Christmas always brings with it tales of possibility and wonder. It’s in that vein that we share this Youtube video that someone sent sent me. It’s a Christmas story of sorts, with a few snowbound deer in need of someone to follow. Yes, I know there aren’t reindeer in Texas, and I

Not Really about Fishing

Katelynn Fishing at amon-2I had an opportunity to fish again with kayak angler Mike Whitacre, who hadn’t been doing much fishing lately, the demands of life and family being what they are. Mike’s a hell of a nice guy and a very good photographer, so

A Little Too Much Magnesium

LSC Too much magnesiumI have a theory: the internet and human nature will be teaming up to bring us quality entertainment for years to come. Take this guy. Not sure where the amateur chemist learned to make fireworks, but he may have gotten a little sloppy with the recipe and the results were

Pecos River Helo Ride

4 Pecos Flood Helo Ride RyanA few days after we got off the lower Pecos River, Scott made this short video about our helo evacuation via a Texas  DPS helicopter. I didn’t want to post the video here at the time because I hadn’t yet

Off Course Again – Africa

LSC AfricaSometimes I veer off course a little and post something that’s caught my attention. I’d like to tell you that in these cases there is some redeeming value that makes it worthy of posting here in what is essentially an outdoors blog. Sometimes,

Man’s Best Friend

LSC Mans Best friend 1

I’m a dog person. I think I got that from my older brother who ever since I can remember always loved dogs whether rescuing a strays from busy intersections or just plain spoiling his own dogs. He was fond of telling me that dogs were superior to humans because of their loyalty even in the worst of situations. He

I Can’t Believe They Let You Do That!

LSC Bill WhittleI’m fond of telling people that I’m not originally from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. I was actually born and raised in Los Angeles and I spent many of my adult years stationed there as well. This makes me well qualified to tell you that California is a wreck. It was a mess back then, and it’s

The Kayak Fishing Experience

LSC Robert FieldI want to share a cool little video made by a fellow kayaker named Robert Field who seems to have a knack producing them. The video, aptly named The Kayak Fishing Experience, is meant to give viewers a glimpse into the sport of kayak fishing and from watching it, you’d think he’s been doing it for years. Ironically, he’s actually been at it less than