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Tightrope Fishing

LSC Swollen RiverFor some, a fishing trip means rest and relaxation, but for others it means their families eat for a day or two. That’s the case for the Laotian man in this video who risks his life crossing the swollen Mekong by walking a cable to reach an island where floods have trapped the fish. Ironically, the trek

Pecos River Hooker

Pecos River Kayak Trip 3.6

You may remember that Dan got a fishing hook embedded into his leg while on a 4-day paddle up a lonely stretch of the Pecos River back in May. Ryan was one of the paddlers on the trip, and he videotaped the hook removal.

Long story short, Dan managed to impale himself with a

Die and You Become a Statistic

LCS Safety in Numbers

In a post he titled, “It’s Getting Cold Outside. Don’t Die,” kayak fishing blogger Chris Payne shared some sobering statistics from a 2011 Coast Guard report on boating deaths and the use of life jackets, or more precisely, the non-use of life jackets. He produced this

The Captain’s Kiss

LSC Capt Will Swenson3

Soldiers don’t really fight for their country, nor do Marines run into kill zones for the honor of their Corps. Everyone knows that what they really fight for is each other. This video, by CBS News, is a poignant reminder of that powerful bond that’s always existed between men in combat. The story takes place in Afghanistan’s Kunar province where a small team of

Shock and Awe at the Boat

LSC Bass AttackI just saw an incredible video of a largemouth bass absolutely pouncing a topwater frog, and although it’s certainly not the first video of its type, it’s memorable for two reasons: first is the lateness of the strike as the bass annihilates

One Piece at a Time

LSC One Piece at a Time

I wanted to share a short film made by 9-year old Emma Gartman from San Angelo, Texas. Emma is the daughter of Scott Gartman, who besides being a talented photographer, is also her father. The two  produced this

The Opening Pitch

Unlike yesterday, which was cold and wet here in North Texas, today we saw a mild and sunny day, which was a good thing for about 52,000 baseball fans who descended on a ballpark in Arlington to watch their Texas Rangers open the 2013 home schedule with a game against their division rivals, the L.A. Angels.There’s a lot of excitement among those of us here who call ourselves baseball fans, despite the Rangers’ monumental collapse late last season and a pretty bad off-season in which none of the player trades seem to go our way, but it’s baseball we’re talking about and springtime in Texas so anything can happen.

It’s usually this time of year that I’m reminded of one of my all-time favorite baseball stories, a story about a first pitch, thrown by President Bush during the 2001 World Series. And although it didn’t take place in Texas, the story—as told in this video—is universal in its appeal because it momentarily lifted a country that’d been recently brought to its knees after the attacks on September 11th and it helped show the world the stuff that Americans were made of. I think the sentiment is best summed up by a cardboard sign held up by one fan proclaiming, “USA Fears Nobody. Play Ball.” And that’s exactly what what we did.

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

Sometimes When You’re Fishing…

Sometimes when you’re fishing, strange things happen. I’m talking about the kinds of things that cause pain, injury or even worse, embarrassment (if you’re like me, it probably causes all three). One common hazard we anglers deal with on a regular basis is a hook that manages to impale itself into some fleshy part of the body. Not a prick of the skin mind you, but a hook that buries itself deep into your flesh, well past the barb. It’s painful as hell, especially if you try removing it yourself (not recommended). Then, literally adding insult to injury, you have to put up with merciless ribbing from your fishing buddies. And it continues to get worse as you’re now going to have to suffer through the dreaded weekend emergency room visit, where you will spend a good chunk of your day sitting in a waiting room, next to some old guy coughing up bits of Ebola, all the while your fishing buddies are back on the boat, catching lots of fish because guess what? The bite picked up just after you left.

That is, unless this guy happens to be your fishing boat captain when it happens…

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


The Blue

What happens when you inadvertently videotape something so magnificent, that people think it’s fake? That’s the debate going on about the authenticity of a video of some dolphins off the coast of California. The video was shot by angler Mark Peters, who built a torpedo shaped camera housing for his GroPro2 video camera to capture some underwater footage from his tuna fishing trip. Then, while dragging the torpedo in the water, a pod of Pacific white sided dolphins swims up to check out the camera, and that’s when magic happens. If you have not seen the video, you need to do so now.  Click here to view the video.  It’s gone viral and there’s an ongoing debate online about whether or not the video is authentic. I have to admit, it’s an amazing video, and after a lot of thought, I think it’s real. I can, however, understand the skepticism; even my teen daughter and older son thinks it fake. So what say you?

A screen shot from The Blue, an amazing video shot though a torpedo cam by Mark Peters, of Central California.



Because not every cool story takes place in the Lone Star State, I present the following. In an effort to find potential participants for the Paralympics, the Canadian Paralympic Committee produced a unique advertising video called, Unstoppable, which depicts a physically disabled runner seemingly running though time, revisiting his injuries and subsequent rehabilitation. Although the story line is fictional, the runner in the video is played by actual amputee and Paralympics short distance runner, Allister McQueen, who lost his leg due to a birth defect. On a side note, the inspirational video was shot on an actual track in Toronto in one long continuous take during a dark and wet Canadian night.