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So when I heard that Field & Stream posted their top 20 Coolest and Strangest Fishing Stories, we were all in. But when we realized that the number one spot was held by no other than LSC friend and frequent contributor Shane Davies, well, of course we had to pass it on. Shane’s legendary feat, for those of you who lived in a cave that year, was to use a baby rattlesnake–the reptile, not the lure–to catch a monster LMB. The story goes something like this:

While fishing on the upper Brazos River, Shane noticed a baby rattler crossing the river when suddenly the snake decided to take a slight detour, straight at Shane’s kayak. In an attempt to discourage the wayward viper, Shane stunned the snake with a smack of his paddle, and that’s when the idea came to him. Now keep in mind that Shane’s always been a somewhat unconventional soul but a prolific angler who specializes in the use of  native baits to put his clients on trophy fish. So of course, he quickly came to the very logical conclusion that maybe, just maybe, free-lining a stunned rattler might be fun enough to risk hooking a live, but stunned baby rattlesnake. It didn’t take much soaking of the serpent before this beast of a fish pounced on the stunned rattler, and the rest is history.

Texas Kayak fishing guide Shane Davies poses with a trophy LMB he caught using a live rattlesnake.

Congratulations to Shane for taking F&S’s number one spot and confirming for the world what we here at LSC have known for a while: when it comes to Texas fishing, it doesn’t get cooler, or stranger, than Shane Davies. 🙂 To see  more pics and read a more detailed account, as well as 19 other very cool and strange stories, read the Field & Stream Online post here.

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