Daddy’s Boy

This is North Texas angler Wesley Wyatt and his son Kanon posing for a post weigh-in picture at an Eagle Mountain Lake tournament in early February. Wyatt had just finished fishing the tournament with his dad, Timbo Wyatt, when his wife and son showed up.

Says Wyatt, “My boy Kanon loves fishing so much that my wife Stephanie brought him to the weigh-in so he could see the fish and sit in the boat for a little bit. It was the best I could do because he couldn’t fish with us that day, but it satisfied his need for fishing for the day, and the 2nd place finish was just a bonus on the great day. I really want to do for him what my dad has done for me, which is pass the passion for fishing down to him.”

The two older Wyatt men took 2nd place in the Eagle Mountain tournament with 12.33 lbs. 1st place had 12.66 lbs.


 Here is a photo of all three generations fishing their favorite lake.

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