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LSC 19th Century Fishing5A University of Texas San Antonio blog has cataloged several historical collections, rare books, manuscripts and photographs. I ran across an interesting collection a few days ago of some early Texas fishing photos. As the UTSA blog points out, photographs of 19th century fishing in America are rare, but the early 1900s saw more cameras in use. According to the university:

“Before the Kodak camera, few people were willing to hire a professional photographer to venture out to water’s edge. Occasionally fishermen would visit a studio and pose with their catch in front of a painted backdrop. By the early 1900s, people were routinely taking their camera along to record their summer activities, including fishing.”

The results were fascinating photos, like these…

LSC 19th Century Fishing10

Vice-President John Nance Garner (right) fishing the Leona River near Uvalde, 1939. (San Antonio Light Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing7

Nora Washington, of Bastrop, with a catfish she caned from the Colorado River, 1950s. (General Photograph Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing2Children watch adults fish during an outing at the Nueces River. 1890s. Photograph by I. N. Hall, itinerant photographer based in Cotulla. (General Photograph Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing6Cornelia Smith (left) and Irene King fishing in the Brazos River near Waco, 1910s. (General Photograph Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing9Women cleaning fish in south Texas in the 1910s. (General Photograph Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing1An angler poses outside the San Antonio Light Building with a 48-pound catfish that he caught at the Medina


LSC 19th Century Fishing3A Texas angler lands a fish from a rowboat near Port Aransas, 1910. Photograph by A.B. Ayres. (General Photograph Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing4Dave Gallagher (right) with shark he caught near Port Aransas, 1908. Photograph by Atlee B. Ayres. (General Photograph Collection)


LSC 19th Century Fishing8Joe Redwine poses with his catch, Comanche County, 1910s. (General Photograph Collection)

To see the entire collection, click here: UTSA: Images of Sport Fishing in Texas

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