If You Don’t Like Texas

I wanted to share this video by Texas cowboy and rising YouTube celebrity, Chad Prather. I first learned of Chad after watching his video, Unapologetic Southern, which was his response to some “northern liberals” who opined that his southern accent made him sound uneducated. The Georgia native, now a Texas transplant, apparently struck a nerve and that video went viral. In his newest video he again takes aim at those who would look down their long noses at the south, and especially, the great state of Texas, listing off the various reasons why some might not like it here. At a time when thousands are moving to Texas each year in search of a better way of life for themselves and their families, Chad’s common man brand of humor delivered with a proud southern drawl provides a simple but important message to those who would disparage the Lone Star state–perhaps Texas isn’t right for everyone, and that’s okay.

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

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