Katelynn’s Air Bass

It’s hard to beat catching a hawg of a largemouth from a kayak. But watching your daughter catch one from her kayak beats it easily. If you don’t believe me, ask Mike Whitacre from Azle, Texas who finally convinced his daughter Katelynn to join him in search of the elusve bass. The trip ended up surpassing both their expectations, and Mike was able to capture it all on camera, including this shot of Katelynn’s largemouth getting some air time. The story, as told by Mike Whitacre…

I have been fishing this lake all summer and noticed that the bass were keying in on the bream spawn of the full moon each month during the summer.  I found a spot that had never failed to produce at least one bass over 5 pounds every time I went to the lake. My daughter Katelynn’s school (and boyfriend) schedule had not allowed us to go fishing when conditions were optimal, but during the last full moon, the stars aligned and she agreed to go fishing.

Mike Whitacre and his daughter Katelynn celebrating her 18th birthday.

I got her up at 4 A.M. and we headed to the lake. We launched in the dark and moved to the spot, fishing along the way. Once there, we set up and waited until sunrise. We started to see activity and I got her to start casting into the prime area with a Spro Popper frog. Within 5 casts she hooked up with a five pounder, which got itself wrapped up in a lay down. I paddled over, helped free it, and she landed the fish. This was her first largemouth bass ever. She has caught sand bass, bream and catfish before, and she has tried for largemouth many times, but she’d never been able to hook one up. Once she had the five pounder in the kayak, she had to work up the courage to hold the bass by the lip to release it.


We then moved down the bank a few yards and within a few casts she hooked up with another large bass on the same frog. I saw it was heading for the sticks, and knowing she had 50 pound braid on her rod, I told her to reel it in quickly to get it out of the sticks. With the pressure she put on the fish, it leaped higher than I’ve ever seen a LMB leap before, not to mention it was a huge bass.  At first I thought she had a 10 pounder by the size of its head, but after Katelynn landed it, I saw it was pretty skinny. It measured at 23.5 inches and it weighed six pounds. Had the fish been full weight I could have went 8 or 9 pounds. I have caught an 8.75 pound at that spot that was the same length.


Congratulations to Katelynn for the monster bass. And to Mike for getting his daughter on the water and sharing it with us.

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