Kill ’em with Kindness

Ever have someone really torque your groinal area? I mean really just piss you off so badly that you wanted to tear their head off? I have a better idea. Kill ’em with kindness instead. No really. A kind comment will be the last thing they expect and may just give you the leg up during a disagreement. It helps if your opponent takes a cheap shot at you just before you get your chance to retort but either way, responding with a compliment may discombobulate your opponent so badly that it makes it hard to recover. Want to see how it works? Watch this video of New Jersey’s Governor Christie during a recent debate in N.J.’s gubernatorial race, and be sure to keep an eye on his opponent as she realizes that Christie is paying her a huge complement after she takes a cheap shot at him.

By the way, don’t mistake this for political post. It’s merely an excellent life lesson–sometimes there are better ways to deal with aggression than responding with more aggression. Some situations may require a more nuanced response…like this one. Best of all, the tactic of killing them with kindness works well with teenagers. This piece of advise alone should make this post worth the price of admission.

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