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LSC Pecos River The Search 7I’m often ask for links to our Pecos River series. On the one-year anniversary of our being flooded off the remote river, we are happy to finally provide a single index for all our Pecos River stories, from the three-part series of our ill-fated trip, to the Pecos River Journal series,which chronicled our return to the river in search of our kayaks and equipment. I also threw in “The Trucks,” about the effort to remove four flood ravaged trucks from the river, and “Anatomy of a Flood” which was just recently posted but which could be argued is a relevant part of the Pecos River series.

Please feel free to disseminate the index to your friends and family who might benefit from reading about our little adventures on the river, and perhaps learn a thing or two at our expense…Bert

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Back to the Pecos: Part I – Spills

Back to the Pecos: Part II – Wild Horses

Back to the Pecos: Part III – The Flood

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Pecos River Journal – The Search

Pecos River Journal – Flashback

Pecos River Journal – The Continental

Pecos River Journal – The Graveyard

Pecos River Journal – Ike and the River Cane

Pecos River Journal – Acceptance

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Pecos River Journal – The Tucks

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Anatomy of a Flood

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

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