Photo of the Day – April 12, 2016

Opt-Brazos-with-Nala2I ran across this photo of our pup Nala in my old Wilderness Ride 135 kayak, and as you can see, she wasn’t afraid to make herself at home. Like her, I always liked that boat and to this day it smarts a little that the kayak was taken from me by a flood on the lower Pecos. Even though it’s gone now, occasionally I run across pictures of my old ‘yak and I’m reminded of the reasons I liked that boat so much, and there were many. One example is this photo, which shows how well Nala fit in the kayak’s tank well. Even though the boat’s been gone for almost two years now, I still miss it and suspect I always will…but on the plus side, I still have the dog. (Photo by Daniel Rodriguez)

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