Photo of the Day – August 28, 2015

Whitney Rattlesnake

A photo’s resurfaced on the internet of some park rangers relocating a pretty big rattler down on Lake Whitney. I say resurfaced because the photo first made the rounds back in early 2012, and as is usually the case these days, several internet jockeys called the photo a fake. The angle of the photo does make the snake looked bigger than it really was, but if you were holding that snake, you’d have it way out there too. Regardless, according to TPWD, the photo is legit, having even been posted on their Facebook feed. I couldn’t find a lot of info about the rattler’s relocation, but I did run across this, which is the most reliable account of the photo that I could find, from Texas Bow Hunters’s:  

“…this is indeed a genuine photo. This [is] a 4-5 foot native Western Diamondback that was observed sunning himself on a rock by park visitors who then contacted park staff. Park management responded and humanely removed the snake from near a trail and relocated it to the prairie part of the park without incident. Western Diamondbacks and in fact all snakes in Texas are vital to the natural beauty and wildness of our state parks and natural areas. Incidents involving venomous snakes are quite rare, but visitors should always be vigilant in natural habitats and wear appropriate clothing, boots and long pants when hiking or back-packing the trails. Most snakes are not aggressive and would prefer to be left alone.” (Texas Bow Hunters: Lake Whitney State Park Rattlesnake):

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