A Falcon Monster

Conroe, Texas angler, Wade Abadie had an unforgettable trip earlier in the month to a famous little lake named Falcon. And according to him, it was a slow trip…..gotta love Texas fishing.

In his own words…

“Just returned from my first trip to Falcon. The fishing was very slow for us…..I believe mostly due to a combination of us having never been to the lake before, and the water being cooled down a lot from the cold front that moved through last week (water temps ranged from 58 to 64).

My buddy and I only caught 16 fish total in 3 days…..however, I was blessed/lucky/fortunate enough to catch TWO double digit fish, both shattering my old personal best (around eight pounds). The largest was 11.15 lbs and the other was 10.20 lbs. I could not be happier with these two giants!! I have been an avid bass fisherman my whole life, and have always hoped to catch a DD….but I NEVER DREAMED I would catch TWO of them within 48 hours!!

…and believe it or not, the 11.15 was the very first fish of the trip!!”


Wade's second best LMB, a 10.20 lbs beast...call her, 'Second Place.'

I felt a little guilty that my friend was not able to get himself a DD as well….but he did catch more fish than I did, and managed a solid 7 lb. fish.”

Postscript: Wade plans to have replicas made of his two big fish that he caught on this trip.


Wade's sunset shot...you gotta love a good sunset parting shot. 🙂



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