Photo of the Day – February 25, 2013

Christian De La Rosa of League City, Texas kayaks into a setting sun on Galveston Bay a few weeks ago. The photo was taken by his father, Marine Master Sergeant Mark De La Rosa, who is stationed at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. The father of three is what’s known in the military as a geographical bachelor, which means that his current assignment forces him to be geographically separated from his family. He makes the 4-hour drive home about once a month, and when he does, his favorite thing to do is take his kids fishing. In this photo, De La Rosa and his son were kayaking near the Galveston Causeway when his son’s kayak lined up perfectly with the sinking sun. Says the Marine of his time on the water with his children, “So when I have a chance to come home on the weekend, I try to take my boys fishing. It’s our way to catch up and my way to teach them about the joys of life without distractions.”

Indeed it is. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Master Sergeant De La Rosa. I can’t think of many things in life more fun than a father/son fishing trip. (Photo by Mark De La Rosa) 

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