Photo of the Day – February 25, 2016

Photo of the Day Feb 24, 2016 PK Brazos-3Dan had spent the morning paddling against a faster than normal flow on the Brazos below Possum Kingdom. He was making his way to the dam, hoping to fish the tailrace, when he decided to beach his kayak and hike over some rocks towards a small pool of slack water he wanted to fish. Once there, he waded into the river, about knee deep and started fan casting his lure into the pool. Suddenly on his third cast he noticed some movement just above the spot where his lure splashed into the water; there was a bow-fisherman perched on a boulder overlooking the pool. He’d been so well camouflaged that Dan hadn’t noticed him. He quickly apologized and explained how he hadn’t seen him. Then he asked the bow hunter if he could take some photos. In Texas, bows are legal for taking non-game fishes such as carp and gar. The man obliged, and Dan snapped a few photos before the two parted ways, Dan back up to the tailrace in search of striper, and the bow hunter back on the rock, waiting quietly for the next fish.

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

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