Photo of the Day – February 6, 2014

LSC Hank Schyma Ground to Cloud Upward LightningToday’s POTD comes to us courtesy of Hank Schyma, who I had a hard time characterizing for this write up. I guess you could say he’s a tornado chasing, film making, snake loving, honkey tonking, voodoo rock musician; he’s also an accomplished photographer. This photo is an example of his early work, taken back in 1998 long before the digital age shortened the learning curve for creating such technically challenging photos. According to Hank, the long exposure Kodachrome photo, shot from the 7th or 8th floor of a Houston parking garage, depicts a series of ground-to-cloud lightning strikes. The lightning bolts are actually shooting up from radio towers sitting on the dark horizon. When Hank’s not chasing tornados or photographing snakes, he’s the lead singer for his band, Southern Backtones, whose music he describes as “Brit-influenced rock with roots firmly planted in Texas.” You can check out more of Hank’s photography, as well as his music and storm chasing videos at: Pecos Hank

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