Photo of the Day – January 17, 2018

We start off the New Year with an intriguing photo of a beautiful bobcat against a sunsetting Texas desert. The photo was taken by Daniel Underbrink, of Adventure on Outdoors. Daniel was also a paddling companion of ours during the 2016 return trip to the Lower Pecos River (which also included Robert Field of YakFishTV who documented the trip for his kayak fishing Youtube channel).  

According to Underbrink, he and some friends were hunting their deer lease near San Diego, Texas when he spotted the mature cat crossing the sendero several hundred yards away. Underbrink decided to try to call the bobcat in, something he typically does without the use of calls or other aids.

“I always try calling them in when I know there is a predator out there. He came running down the path, thinking he had a free lunch. I watched him for about 30 minutes and snapped some pictures as he tried to figure out what I was, and then after a while, he headed back into the brush.”Although Underbrink could have legally taken the bobcat, he didn’t in this case, saying he instead prefers to watch them these days, and if they are minding their own business, he leaves them be.

“They’re not really a threat to the cows on the lease, or the deer, for that matter, with such an abundance of rabbits. So better to watch and shoot them with the camera lens than kill them.”

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