Photo of the Day – January 5, 2014

FB Connor Harrison Hunting Quail 1Hunter and dog face their quarry in these series of photos, and the dog’s excitement is palpable as he points dutifully, confident in his master’s ability to bring down the prey…unless, that is, he misses. That’s what happened to Conor Harrison, from Lone Star Outdoor News (, while on a recent quail hunt with co-workers. According to Conor, his shooting didn’t quite measure up to the English Pointer’s expectations; as quickly as the shot missed the birds, the dog’s attention was somewhere else.

As old by Conor: “Had a great bobwhite quail hunt with the boys in the office…unfortunately, my shooting left much to be desired. Even the dog knew I should have hit this one.”

FB Connor Harrison Hunting Quail 2

FB Connor Harrison Hunting Quail 3

(All Photos by David J. Sams, Lone Star Outdoor News)

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