Photo of the Day – January 7, 2014

LSC POTD Pelicans DivingAlthough not in Texas, I wanted to share a very cool series of photos taken by wildlife photographer Connie Mier (Connie Mier Photography) of Miami, Florida. She photographed the diving brown pelicans while on an eight day canoe trip in the Florida Everglades with three friends over the holidays. According to Connie, the group came upon the diving birds near the mouth of a creek in the Everglades National Park. She let her companions paddle ahead while she stayed behind watching and photographing the pelicans from a distance in her canoe. The photos were taken in an area of the Everglades hard hit by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and you can still see the mangled trees behind the dive bombing birds.

LSC POTD Pelicans Diving 2

LSC POTD Pelicans Diving 3

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