Photo of the Day – July 19, 2015


It looks like Texas kayak fishing guide Shane Davies ( is at it again—catching large stripers, that is. Because TPWD doesn’t stock rivers, and due to the pressure from river anglers who target the species every year, there have been fewer and fewer recorded catches of trophy striper (longer than 32 inches).

Shane is no stranger to record setting fish; he’s put several clients on state records, including the longest catch and release striper in Texas, caught by a client of Shane’s in 2009. Ironically, Shane has pretty much stopped guiding clients for stripers and has instead been focusing on putting them on trophy large mouth, which have been abundant on the rivers he guides. But with the massive amounts of water recently dumped from the dams of our flooded impoundments, it looks like monster stripers are once again back in the rivers, and with a vengeance if this is any indication.

At 38 inches long and approaching 30 pounds, Shane believes this will be one of the largest stripers documented in Texas this year, although he won’t go into details about the location of the enormous striped bass. When I pressed him for some particulars, he was quick to remind me (with a wink and a smile) that his clients know exactly where and how he caught the fish.

After being carefully measured and photographed, the massive striper was released safely back into the deep river pool where hopefully she will have a long life…and if we’re all lucky, a very fertile one.

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