Photo of the Day – July 8, 2015

DCIM107GOPROI bet if you ask, most kayak anglers will tell you that the holy grail of kayak fishing is a sailfish. Kayaks are so well built these days that you can pretty much catch any fish from a kayak…sharks, bull reds, tarpons and feisty king…and those hook ups usually produce great photos, but few of them get my juices flowing like the photos I’ve seen of enormous sailfish, dancing on their tails, seemingly frozen in mid-air, tethered by nothing more than a leader and some mono-filament to a human being sitting atop a plastic kayak. If that wasn’t enough (assuming you don’t lose the fish), then there’s the added adventure of getting to spend some quality time, up close and personal with 100 pounds of sailfish and its sword-like bill, all within the cozy confines of your ‘yak. I’ve never had the pleasure to experience this myself, mind you, but I sometimes find myself living vicariously through the camera lenses of others.

Enter Christina Weber, a Florida pro kayak angler who was preparing for the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament’s Summer Slam off of Pompano Beach when she hooked onto a sailfish from her Hobie Outback. Co-angler Robert Fields (YakFish TV) was nearby and managed to capture these amazing photos using his GoPro. Says Christina of the photos:

“I went out with Robert Field and Eric McDonald (Deep Blue Kayak Fishing Charters), and for me this was a way to start conditioning for the tournament on Saturday…it would allow me to knock out a few kinks and gain confidence in fishing offshore. It would also start getting me used to the physical conditioning I’d need for offshore fishing. 

“On day two of our adventure I hooked into my sail fairly early and it only took 10 minutes before I touched the leader. I actually broke this fish off at the boat when the sail jumped, wrapping the leader around my swivel, resulting in a cut line. It was a sucky situation because I didn’t get my hero shot, but it wasn’t too long before I had a bait back in the water, hunting number two.”


To see more photos of Christina and her kayak fishing adventures, check out her website: Christina Weber Fishing. (Photos courtesy of Robert Field)

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