Photo of the Day – October 4, 2013

Pecos River Kayak Trip Dan Photos 1 (15)

Dan calls this photograph he took on the lower Pecos River, Velvet Rapids. The photo was taken during a 4-day kayak trip up the lower Pecos, the idea being to put in at the boat ramp on Highway 90 and scout the lower end of the river for fishing holes.  Because we were essentially paddling further upriver each day, this was just one of many rapids we’d be encountering each day of our trip. With a little work, we could drag our kayaks over most of the rapids, but this one was a little tougher. Here is what I wrote about it in our July 19, 2013 post:

Refreshed from a good night’s sleep, we were ready for whatever the river threw at us, and it didn’t take long to learn what that was. A few hundred yards upriver from camp was one of the more formidable rapids we’d have to negotiate. I called it the Gatekeeper and it consisted of several car sized boulders channeling the whitewater into two right angle chutes that whipped the water into a frenzy.  The surrounding boulders made portaging difficult and so we opted to try paddling up the chutes. This required quick, powerful strokes and some hand pulling on the coarse boulders to turn the kayaks 90 degrees, twice, all while fighting the gushing water. We’d have to pass the Gatekeeper each day of our trip; luckily, going in through the out door, as it seemed to me, got a little easier each day.

To read the entire story, read here: Boomerang on the Pecos

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