Photo of the Day – October 6, 2013

FB-River Sep 13 -2-1

What makes a good fishing buddy? She likes chasing bait; and doesn’t mind walking a kayak up the river shallows. Enter Mia Guerrero, age 8, from Lewisville, Texas, who I recently got to spend some time with on the Brazos River. I liked what I saw. She’s cautious, but not afraid to shoot firearms. She’s a budding archer…targets beware. She loves dogs, and they always seem to love her back. She’s a city girl, but you can feel her excitement when she’s on the water with us and her mom (who’s usually at her side, knee deep in the river). I don’t get to spend an enormous amount of time with Mia, but when I do, I seem have a little more hope for the future of our youth afterwards…I like that.

FB-River Sep 13 -2-3

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