Photo of the Day – September 8, 2015

0638:082215:68F:CAMERAD :2It’s getting to be that time of the year again, when suddenly those game cam pics start to get interesting. We were looking through some a few weeks ago and noticed many of the pics featured this same group of bachelors that have apparently taken up residence near my feeder. This particular photo caught our eye for two reasons, the first being how healthy the bucks look. Not sure if that has to do with the record rainfall we received this year, but I bet that’s got something to do with it. The other thing that caught our eye was the about-facing squirrel, and it occurred to me that what the photo really needed was a catchy phrase.

So I asked the good folks over at the Texas Hunting Forum to help me find a caption for the photo. The THF is an online community of hunters and a pretty reliable source of what we call SMEs, or Subject Matter Experts, on all things hunting related…and a lot of these SMEs are funny too. We received lots of good captions, but  selected what we felt were the top 10, with number one being the best. That spot was claimed by los campos84…Subject Matter expert and all around funny guy from one of the better hunting forums here in Texas.

The Top 10:

10. Once Rocky realized his bushy tail wasn’t white, things were never the same again.

9. “Dumb BUCKS, she went that way!”

8. “Bring it on, the squirrel’s got our back!”

7. “Okay guys, it’s just a squirrel hunter.”

6. “Who did it?! Who voted for another Clinton?!”

5. “Just don’t look at it. Maybe it will leave!”

4. “Who farted”?

3. Don’t make eye contact!

2. Deer: “Aww nuts, no corn.” Squirrel: “Nuts!!! Where?”

1. “Are you guys looking the other way? ‘cause I can’t pee if ya’ll are looking!”

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