Removing WHAT from Fish?

Most bodies of water in Texas offer perfectly safe and delicious tasting fish, well suited to ‘release to the grease” as fisherman like to say around here. But in the interest of full disclosure, there are some bodies of water in certain parts of the south with just the right conditions for parasites to make their way into the food chain. This video, which I found on Field & Stream’s Lateral Line, is a good example. Warning on the video: it’s not for the feint of heart. In fact, I’m filing it under the “Once seen, cannot be unseen” category. Still, it’s pretty instructive, especially if you harvest fish for your family’s dinner table. I’ve filleted many crappie over the last several years and have never seen anything like this, but you can bet that from now on I’ll be taking a little closer look when cleaning my fish.


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