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Sailfish Breach Facing MeA few weeks back, we featured a photo of Florida pro angler Cristina Weber catching a sailfish from her kayak off the south Florida coast. The photo was actually a screenshot taken from the GoPro footage of YakFishTV’s Robert Field. It turns out that Robert, who resides in Dallas, caught a fish of a lifetime himself the same day, and he provided us with some very cool photos as well and we wanted to share those. Because Robert videotapes his features using more than one camera, he was able to capture screenshots from multiple angles, the results being a series of the photos that put viewers on the water with him as he fought and landed the beautiful sailfish, which was safely released to fight another day. This is the story behind the incredible photos, as told by Robert…

“I’ve been dreaming about South Florida for a couple of years now. Not for the reasons most people dream of it; I have no interest in sitting on the beach surrounded by women in bikinis drinking mai tais. It’s the fishing I dream about. Because the continental shelf drops off close to shore, South Florida is a unique fishery where kayak anglers can access deep water with relative ease.

With this in mind, I set off on the 2,600 mile round-trip journey from Dallas to Pompano Beach, Florida with one goal: to catch my first sailfish from the kayak. I‘d been told winter was sailfish season, and because it was now the end of June, I tried not to get my hopes up.

The trip started slowly, and after a couple days of catching numerous bonita, a trash fish that were particularly thick in the area this year, I was beginning to lose hope. Then Eric McDonald, of Deep Blue Kayak Fishing, a long-time internet friend that I’d yet to meet in person, agreed to take me out and try to put me on a fish of a lifetime. It wasn’t 30 minutes into the morning when my reel started singing, but when I grabbed the rod, I felt the notorious head-shakes of a shark. Bummed, I told the cameras that I needed to horse this guy in so I could get back to fishing, because the rough seas made for prime sailfish hunting.

As soon as I finished explaining that, I turned around just in time to see a 6-foot sailfish jump clean out of the water. After a grueling battle that involved multiple breaches and some scary moments with an angry sailfish swinging its bill next to the kayak, I was finally able to reach down and lay hands on my dream fish, crossing another species off the bucket list. It was an experience that I will never forget.”

Sailfish in the Air 2

Sailfish Breach

Hobie Sailfish Splash Underwater

Sailfish on Lap (1)

Sailfish Lift Looks Huge (1)

Sailfish Admiration

To watch the entire video of the catch (the first of a three-part miniseries), click over to Robert’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/YAKnAGGIE). You can also follow Robert and his ‘yak fishing exploits via his YakFish TV Facebook page at www.facebook.com/yakfishtv.

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