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Coyote vs. Mountain Lion Video

Somebody sent me this video of a short tussle between a good size coyote and a mature mountain lion. The video was shot in western New Mexico about a year ago, and it appears these two guys were driving a snowy mountain road when they came across the two apex predators fighting it out. As they drove up, the two battling

Photo of the Day – May 5, 2013

Coyotes hanging on fences1If you drive Texas back roads then you know it’s not unusual to see coyote carcasses left hanging on fence posts along some of the less traveled country roads. Ranchers out west used to hang the carcasses to keep other coyotes away although there isn’t any proof that it actually worked. Some ranchers and hunters still hang them to show off or record their kills. Whatever the reason, these displays although not common can still be found once you leave the confines of the city. One Texan described them as “strings of mummified coyote carcasses hanging on fences all over…Texas.” We saw this display of carcasses on a farm-to-market road near Lake Texoma last weekend and I stopped to snap some photos to prove that if you venture deep enough into the Texas boondocks, you never know what you’re going to find.

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