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Game Warden Field Notes – June 24, 2015

Game warden field notes 2 6-24-25

Texas Game Warden Jason Duke on patrol in Kenedy County, near Corpus Christi. (Photo by Krystal Krenek)

TPWD just released a new set of Game Warden Field Notes which are compiled from recent TPWD law enforcement reports. The notes are published periodically and they do a fine job of educating, and sometimes even entertaining us, while reminding us that there are idiots out there. By the way, the

Game Warden Field Notes Part III

LSC Game Warden Field Notes 3-5-15

(Photo Courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

I missed posting several of these last Fall/Winter and I’m still catching up.The Field Notes are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports and I’m constantly amazed at the stupidity of mankind. These were originally published on October 29, 2014, and the catchy titles are theirs, not

Game Warden Field Notes – October 18, 2013

LSC Game Warden Field Notes 10-24-13

Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

So many things I like about the fall, but one of my favorites is that TPWD starts publishing their Game Warden Field Notes. The Notes are short snippets of Game Warden reports from around the state, and maybe I’m weird, but I find them immensely entertaining. I also think they

Game Warden Field Notes-Best of 2012

There’s a John Wayne quote that I like to pass along to anyone who I think needs it, especially relatives or good friends who I might someday have to bail out of jail. The saying goes something like, “Life is hard…even harder when you’re stupid.” It’s in that vein that LSC seeks to shine a spotlight on a special kind of Texan today, what a gentlemen friend of mine categorizes as the state’s less astute citizenry.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department publishes something called Game Warden Field Notes, which are short reports of Texas poachers, thieves, liars and