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The Opening Pitch

Unlike yesterday, which was cold and wet here in North Texas, today we saw a mild and sunny day, which was a good thing for about 52,000 baseball fans who descended on a ballpark in Arlington to watch their Texas Rangers open the 2013 home schedule with a game against their division rivals, the L.A. Angels.There’s a lot of excitement among those of us here who call ourselves baseball fans, despite the Rangers’ monumental collapse late last season and a pretty bad off-season in which none of the player trades seem to go our way, but it’s baseball we’re talking about and springtime in Texas so anything can happen.

It’s usually this time of year that I’m reminded of one of my all-time favorite baseball stories, a story about a first pitch, thrown by President Bush during the 2001 World Series. And although it didn’t take place in Texas, the story—as told in this video—is universal in its appeal because it momentarily lifted a country that’d been recently brought to its knees after the attacks on September 11th and it helped show the world the stuff that Americans were made of. I think the sentiment is best summed up by a cardboard sign held up by one fan proclaiming, “USA Fears Nobody. Play Ball.” And that’s exactly what what we did.

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