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Lost & Found – Fifty Days Later

TFF Camera Find CrewThere’s a new twist to our Pecos River flood story. On Saturday, fifty days after the flood, a bass angler was fishing a club tournament on Lake Amistad and he found the Pelican case with Dan’s camera equipment. The waterproof case was nestled in a

Lost on a River: Our ‘Yaks

IMG_4752Well it’s been a week since we lost a canoe and three kayaks to a flash flood on the lower Pecos. In a three hour period, a storm dumped 11 inches of rain into the sheer canyons where we camped.  The ensuing flood took all four boats you see in the photos below including

Rain and the River

photo3I woke up this morning to the sound of rain, and although I was lying safely in bed next to my wife, the rain took me back to that dark morning on the river two days ago, and my heart raced and my throat choked a little. As I fought the swelling in my chest, I noticed that