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Pecos River Hooker

Pecos River Kayak Trip 3.6

You may remember that Dan got a fishing hook embedded into his leg while on a 4-day paddle up a lonely stretch of the Pecos River back in May. Ryan was one of the paddlers on the trip, and he videotaped the hook removal.

Long story short, Dan managed to impale himself with a

Sometimes When You’re Fishing…

Sometimes when you’re fishing, strange things happen. I’m talking about the kinds of things that cause pain, injury or even worse, embarrassment (if you’re like me, it probably causes all three). One common hazard we anglers deal with on a regular basis is a hook that manages to impale itself into some fleshy part of the body. Not a prick of the skin mind you, but a hook that buries itself deep into your flesh, well past the barb. It’s painful as hell, especially if you try removing it yourself (not recommended). Then, literally adding insult to injury, you have to put up with merciless ribbing from your fishing buddies. And it continues to get worse as you’re now going to have to suffer through the dreaded weekend emergency room visit, where you will spend a good chunk of your day sitting in a waiting room, next to some old guy coughing up bits of Ebola, all the while your fishing buddies are back on the boat, catching lots of fish because guess what? The bite picked up just after you left.

That is, unless this guy happens to be your fishing boat captain when it happens…

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