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Hybrid Man

Hybrid man.2

“Since the introduction of hybrid stripers into Texas waters several decades ago, we diehard white bass fishermen have not been the same. A freshwater fish that tastes even better than the white bass and pulls harder than a striper [and] many Texas lakes are teeming with these genetically mixed brutes. In the past 25 years or so, we have learned enough about their 

Finding Fish Zombie on Cooper Lake

Fish Zombie Cooper Lake1

It’s funny how sometimes we will run across something that sparks a memory from good times past. A recent thread on Texas Fishing Forum (TFF) asked if it was advisable for a kayaker to be towed by a power boat. The original poster was planning to have his dad tow him and his kayak across a lake to the mouth of a creek. Being towed would save the yak angler an hour of paddling each way but