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ACA’s Stories of Survival

ACA headerThe American Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Raft, Rescue Association (formally the American Canoe Association) or ACA for short, is a nonprofit group that serves the paddling public by providing education related to all aspects of paddling. In partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard, the ACA just produced an animated, memoir-style video short that confronts some of the challenging situations

Nala on the Brazos – Part II

Opt Brazos with Nala2The stars aligned and I finally got to go fishing again, so of course I had to take my puppy, Nala. I’m trying to make the 50-pound Rottweiler-shepherd mix my paddling companion but I’ve got my work cut out for me based on the results of her maiden

Photo of the Day – October 6, 2013

FB-River Sep 13 -2-1

What makes a good fishing buddy? She likes chasing bait; and doesn’t mind walking a kayak up the river shallows. Enter Mia Guerrero, age 8, from Lewisville, Texas, who I recently got to spend some time with on the Brazos River. I liked what I saw. She’s

Photo of the Day – February 25, 2013

Christian De La Rosa of League City, Texas kayaks into a setting sun on Galveston Bay a few weeks ago. The photo was taken by his father, Marine Master Sergeant Mark De La Rosa, who is stationed at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. The father of three is what’s known in the military as a geographical bachelor, which means that his current assignment forces him to be geographically separated from his family. He makes the 4-hour drive home about once a month, and when he does,

Photo of the Day – February 18, 2013

Today’s photo comes to us from Joe Ware of Corpus Christi, and that’s a 20-inch smallmouth bass he’s hoisting in the air. Ware caught the not-so-small smallie last May on the lower Devils River while on a guided kayaking trip with Texas fishing guide Shane Davies (http://www.shanedaviesguide.com/). According to Ware, the two were sight casting from atop a boulder when they saw this hawg of a smallmouth swim by. He quickly cast a wacky rigged worm near the fish, and it turned to snatch it up. Ware says this bronzeback was one of several