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Boomerang on the Pecos

Pecos River Kayak Trip 0.0

“It is likely the least-visited area of Texas, since for outsiders there’s really nothing else here—the Pecos passes through, and that’s about it. On the water there are no trails or any of the little brown signs that shepherd you around a regular park. A trip down this river is one of the last real adventures you can have in this state.“ Texas Monthly (http://www.texasmonthly.com)


My son Dan and I are planning a trip to the lower Pecos River this fall, so when we received an invitation from kayak fishing guide Shane Davies to accompany him on a boomerang trip on the Pecos–from the boat ramp at Highway 90 to the Pecos weir and back–it was a no-brainer to go. The trip would serve as a warm up paddle for the more daunting 55-mile Pandale trip later in the year and we’d be picking up some valuable pointers from the master himself on the logistics of floating a remote river. A few weeks later, we found ourselves driving south with Shane and a fourth paddler for a journey up a remote river said by some the be the most beautiful in Texas, maybe even the Southwest. This is the story of that journey…