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Photo of the Day – January 30, 2018

We promised some changes in 2018, one of them being more stories about my family. If you are a LSC regular then you already know my son Daniel, who is not only this blog’s primary photographer, but also my paddling companion on most of the trips chronicled here. You may not, however, know about my wife, Luisa, seen here in today’s POTD holding a nice Brazos bass that she recently caught.

Happy Anniversary, Babe

FB-With Luisa on the River

Luisa and I…somewhere on the middle Brazos.

My wife, Luisa, and I were on the Brazos River a few days ago and, as usual, she out-fished me. I’m used to that by now, after all we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary which goes to show you that time really does fly. Seems like it was just yesterday when we met and before you know it, it’s been thirty, mostly wonderful, years that she’s been by my side on this great journey we call life.

She’s such a kindhearted person, and she has a sweet as molasses soul, which makes it hard to explain why she’s