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Cowtown Kid on the River

Cowtown Kid & the Brazos (9)

“Live your life, and forget your age.” -Normal Vincent Peale

“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” -Dale Carnegie

We recently had an opportunity to fish with a fellow Fort Worthian, a gentleman named Rick Irving, who despite his 63 years of age, still gets out to kayak fish more often than me. The soft-spoken real estate broker is known on the local fishing forums as the Cowtown Kid, and I’m not sure if he got that name in sarcastic deference to his grandfatherly looks or from the fact that he’s only been kayak fishing for a few years.

Texas Mike and the Alien Lizards

OPT Brazos Bass 4His name is Mike Whitacre, but I call him Texas Mike, which would strike you as odd if you ever saw him in person. He stands all of 5’6” and has a soft-spoken, southern drawl, but don’t let that fool you. He fishes from his kayak with Texas size tenacity and routinely catches enormous bass as evidenced by the many videos he’s posted on his YouTube channel where he and his friends are always seen

The Spotlight

I was recently asked by Mike Whitacre to be the guinea pig for a new video project he was working on. Mike normally produces kayak fishing videos that feature lots of hefty bass being caught by his friends, his family and, of course, by

Not Really about Fishing

Katelynn Fishing at amon-2I had an opportunity to fish again with kayak angler Mike Whitacre, who hadn’t been doing much fishing lately, the demands of life and family being what they are. Mike’s a hell of a nice guy and a very good photographer, so

Photo of the Day – September 3, 2013

OH Ivie 01

Today’s POTD comes to us from North Texas kayak angler Mike Whitacre, who traveled to a reservoir named O. H. Ivie looking for the fat bass known to inhabit the central Texas impoundment. According to Mike, they knew they’d be dodging thunderstorms that day and sure enough, within a few hours of putting in, a storm rolled in forcing them to retreat back to shore. After getting back on the water, the threat of more storms