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Photographing Dan

Here at Lone Star Chronicles, it’s pretty well established that I do the writing and Dan’s the photographer. But every now and then, usually when he’s not looking, I’ve been known to take a picture or two of Dan. I’m not nearly as good as he is, mind you, but

Return to the Pecos Mini-Series…Parts 2 and 3

Since our last post, Robert Field has released Episodes 2 and 3 of his mini-series on our return trip to the Pecos. They include a visit to our camp from the flood trip and running one of the funnest rapids on the river…Waterfall Rapids, where Dan

YakFishTV Releases Return to the Pecos Mini-Series

We’re pretty exited about yesterday’s release of Return to the Pecos – Part 1. The video, by YakFishTV’s Robert Field, is the first in a series of four that document our return to the lower Pecos River last year, two years after we

The Pelican Case


If you’re looking for an adventure-proof case to hold valuables during your next hunting or fishing trip, look no further than a Pelican case, which are not only guaranteed watertight to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes, but it also come with a

Pecos River Story Index

LSC Pecos River The Search 7I’m often ask for links to our Pecos River series. On the one-year anniversary of our being flooded off the remote river, we are happy to finally provide a single index for all our Pecos River stories, from the three-part series of our ill-fated trip, to the Pecos River Journal series,which chronicled our return to the river in search

Pecos River Journal: The Paddlers Thread

LSC The Change4

Most of the planning for our ill-fated Pecos trip took place in one long Facebook private message thread that we dubbed “Pecos Paddlers.” Dan, Scott, Ryan and I exchanged over two thousand messages in the months leading up to the trip. We put in on the river on June 17, 2014 and the trip ended four days later, on June 20, when we were forced off the

Pecos River Journal – The Search

LSC Pecos River The Search 7If you subscribe to the fact that there are five stages of grief people go through– denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance—then by the time Dan and I went back down to the Pecos River in the last week of August, I guess you could say I was still

Photo of the Day – August 14, 2014

OPT2 Pecos River Morning First Camp- Del Rio Texas - Flutes ScreenAfter a tough first day on the Pecos River, Dan awoke the next morning and climbed the rock above our campsite to get this photo of the river. Notice the abundance of dried river cane, interspersed with the green cane lining both banks. A memorial Day flood

Lost & Found – Fifty Days Later

TFF Camera Find CrewThere’s a new twist to our Pecos River flood story. On Saturday, fifty days after the flood, a bass angler was fishing a club tournament on Lake Amistad and he found the Pelican case with Dan’s camera equipment. The waterproof case was nestled in a

Photo of the Day – June 14, 2014

Pecos River Drag yak Cropped“It is likely the least-visited area of Texas, since for outsiders there’s really nothing else here—the Pecos passes through, and that’s about it. On the water there are no trails or any of the little brown signs that

Photo of the Day – March 10, 2014

LSC Pecos Headlights

There’s been talk about a trip back down to the Pecos, and I was reminded of this photo by fellow blogger Scott Gartman of San Angelo. Last November Scott and his 12-year old son were camping at Seminole Canyon State Park and using the nearby National Park boat ramp as a