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Lessons Learned on the Pecos

By Michael Issac 

All things being equal, I’d rather not learn things the hard way. As I get older, I’ve learned that taking lessons from the mistakes of others is a good thing. This is especially true when venturing into a river such as the Lower Pecos. After a recent trip with three other paddlers during a long holiday weekend, I compiled

High Bridge or Bust; Seven Days on the Pecos River – Part 3

By Randy Hohlaus

Part 3. Painted Canyon

I rechristened the patch of scraggly ground, “Camp Humility.” My thoughts were actually of another Scott; Scott’s doomed Arctic expedition and his last icy camp just a few miles short of food, warmth and his base. And sure enough, this camp

Photographing Dan

Here at Lone Star Chronicles, it’s pretty well established that I do the writing and Dan’s the photographer. But every now and then, usually when he’s not looking, I’ve been known to take a picture or two of Dan. I’m not nearly as good as he is, mind you, but

Return to the Pecos Mini-Series…Parts 2 and 3

Since our last post, Robert Field has released Episodes 2 and 3 of his mini-series on our return trip to the Pecos. They include a visit to our camp from the flood trip and running one of the funnest rapids on the river…Waterfall Rapids, where Dan

YakFishTV Releases Return to the Pecos Mini-Series

We’re pretty exited about yesterday’s release of Return to the Pecos – Part 1. The video, by YakFishTV’s Robert Field, is the first in a series of four that document our return to the lower Pecos River last year, two years after we

The Pelican Case


If you’re looking for an adventure-proof case to hold valuables during your next hunting or fishing trip, look no further than a Pelican case, which are not only guaranteed watertight to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes, but it also come with a

Pecos River Story Index

LSC Pecos River The Search 7I’m often asked for links to our Pecos River stories, and so we’ve decided to create a single index for all our Pecos River posts, from Boomerang trip that started it all to the final Return to the Pecos series, which we floated with Robert Field and Daniel Underbrink. I like to tell people to share our stories with their friends and family who might benefit from reading about our little adventures on the Pecos and perhaps learn a thing or two at our expense…Bert

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Boomerang on the Pecos (The trip that started it all)

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Back to the Pecos Series

Back to the Pecos: Part I – Spills

Back to the Pecos: Part II – Wild Horses

Back to the Pecos: Part III – The Flood

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Pecos River Journal Series

Pecos River Journal – The Search

Pecos River Journal – Flashback

Pecos River Journal – The Continental

Pecos River Journal – The Graveyard

Pecos River Journal – Ike and the River Cane

Pecos River Journal – Acceptance
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Pecos River Journal – The Tucks

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Anatomy of a Flood

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Return to the Pecos Series 

Return to the Pecos – 1. Decisions

Return to the Pecos – 2. The Crew

Return to the Pecos – 3. Onto the River

Return to the Pecos – 4. Water

Return to the Pecos – 5. The Storm

Return to the Pecos – 6. The Reckoning

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish


Pecos River Journal: The Paddlers Thread

LSC The Change4

Most of the planning for our ill-fated Pecos trip took place in one long Facebook private message thread that we dubbed “Pecos Paddlers.” Dan, Scott, Ryan and I exchanged over two thousand messages in the months leading up to the trip. We put in on the river on June 17, 2014 and the trip ended four days later, on June 20, when we were forced off the

Pecos River Journal – The Search

LSC Pecos River The Search 7If you subscribe to the fact that there are five stages of grief people go through– denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance—then by the time Dan and I went back down to the Pecos River in the last week of August, I guess you could say I was still