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Photo of the Day – August 25, 2014

LSC POTD Aug 25, 2014You are looking at the net results of our most recent search on Lake Amistad for the gear that was taken from us by the June 20th flood on the Pecos River. Dan and I went back to the same area on Lake Amistad where his cameras had been found the week before, floating in a water-proof Pelican case. We were hoping to find our kayaks in the same vicinity, but this was all we came up with.

The River’s Sister

POTD-3-26-12 Devils River ViewThere’s been a lot on here lately about the Pecos River, but I just ran across a great article (published nine years ago, actually) about the Devils River. Texas Monthly writer S.C. Gwynne uses vivid description and geographic context to put his readers on one of the most beautiful rivers in the southwest.

The paragraph in Gwynn’s piece that caught my attention would have been a spot on

Pecos River Helo Ride

4 Pecos Flood Helo Ride RyanA few days after we got off the lower Pecos River, Scott made this short video about our helo evacuation via a Texas  DPS helicopter. I didn’t want to post the video here at the time because I hadn’t yet

This and That – June 8, 2014

LSC Sumi

If it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth, it’s because I did. Well, sort of. My life was consumed by my day job working an ornery assignment that kept me out of Texas for the