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Return to the Pecos Mini-Series…Parts 2 and 3

Since our last post, Robert Field has released Episodes 2 and 3 of his mini-series on our return trip to the Pecos. They include a visit to our camp from the flood trip and running one of the funnest rapids on the river…Waterfall Rapids, where Dan

YakFishTV Releases Return to the Pecos Mini-Series

We’re pretty exited about yesterday’s release of Return to the Pecos – Part 1. The video, by YakFishTV’s Robert Field, is the first in a series of four that document our return to the lower Pecos River last year, two years after we

YakFishTV: A Fish of a Lifetime

Sailfish Breach Facing MeA few weeks back, we featured a photo of Florida pro angler Cristina Weber catching a sailfish from her kayak off the south Florida coast. The photo was actually a screenshot taken from the GoPro footage of YakFishTV’s Robert Field. It turns out that Robert, who resides in Dallas, caught a fish of a lifetime himself the same day,

Photo of the Day – July 8, 2015

DCIM107GOPROI bet if you ask, most kayak anglers will tell you that the holy grail of kayak fishing is a sailfish. Kayaks are so well built these days that you can pretty much catch any fish from a kayak…sharks, bull reds, tarpons and feisty king…and those hook ups usually produce great photos, but few of them get my juices flowing like the photos I’ve seen of enormous sailfish, dancing on their tails, seemingly frozen in mid-air, tethered by

The Kayak Fishing Experience

LSC Robert FieldI want to share a cool little video made by a fellow kayaker named Robert Field who seems to have a knack producing them. The video, aptly named The Kayak Fishing Experience, is meant to give viewers a glimpse into the sport of kayak fishing and from watching it, you’d think he’s been doing it for years. Ironically, he’s actually been at it less than