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Pecos River Journal – Acceptance

Pecos River Journal Acceptance fllood photoWho knows…what the thunder and lightning will bring,
Maybe the storm will cover my dreams,
Maybe the sun will shine no more;
Who knows…which way the wind is blowing, and when we look back on these things,
we won’t cry no more.
-Zac Brown Band

Part 1 – Denial

It seems like such paltry returns for so much work. We went down to the lower Pecos

Pecos River Journal – Flashback

LSC Pecos River The Search 8As Dan and I drove back down from Fort Worth to Comstock in search for our missing kayaks and camping gear, I had a flashback. Not many people know this, but this wasn’t my first time back down to the river since the flood. I actually went back four days after the flood, and