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YakFishTV Releases Return to the Pecos Mini-Series

We’re pretty exited about yesterday’s release of Return to the Pecos – Part 1. The video, by YakFishTV’s Robert Field, is the first in a series of four that document our return to the lower Pecos River last year, two years after we

YakFishTV: A Fish of a Lifetime

Sailfish Breach Facing MeA few weeks back, we featured a photo of Florida pro angler Cristina Weber catching a sailfish from her kayak off the south Florida coast. The photo was actually a screenshot taken from the GoPro footage of YakFishTV’s Robert Field. It turns out that Robert, who resides in Dallas, caught a fish of a lifetime himself the same day,

The Kayak Fishing Experience

LSC Robert FieldI want to share a cool little video made by a fellow kayaker named Robert Field who seems to have a knack producing them. The video, aptly named The Kayak Fishing Experience, is meant to give viewers a glimpse into the sport of kayak fishing and from watching it, you’d think he’s been doing it for years. Ironically, he’s actually been at it less than