In the beginning…

Welcome to Lone Star Chronicles. I’m sitting here tonight about to launch this blog, and not only is it pouring rain outside, it’s been raining since last night; and the forecast calls for more rain in the days ahead. But that’s a good thing. For the last year,Texas has been plagued by one of the most vicious droughts in our state’s history and she’s paid a heavy price.

Rivers and lakes up and down the state were at their lowest levels in 50 years. Even worse, wildfires within the last year have scorched almost 4 million acres of land, and the drought has cost Texans $10 billion in lost crops, livestock and timber. The Bastrop county fires alone, fueled by high winds from Tropical Storm Lee, went uncontained for days, forcing thousands of residents to flee. The fires eventually destroyed 1600 homes in Bastrop County.

But despite the loss of life, land and treasure, Texans are now doing what they have always done after hard times: picking themselves up and carrying on with the business of life; looking out for each other; helping their neighbors; and stopping every now and then to give thanks.

“That which doesn’t kill you, surely makes you stronger,” is how one resident put it, and I stand in awe of this hard scrabble attitude about life. In the relatively short time I’ve lived here, I have seen example after example of the tenacious spirit of the folks who live in the Lone Star state. With this website, we hope to seek out examples of that spirit, chronicle it and then share it with you in the form of inspiring stories, quality photographs, short videos and informative articles.

To be sure, it will be a collaboration, a shared effort between all Lone Star anglers. So send us your stories, your photos and videos depicting life in Texas; tell us about your heroes; and of course, tell us about your fishing adventures.  In return, we commit to keeping the site running, and more importantly, relevant. To providing new content regularly. To laughing, both at ourselves, and at the world around us, because sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. To advocating for our rivers and lakes and coastal waterways, for we believe that we all share a responsibility to protect our natural resources as if we were guarding it for our children, because after all, we are.

And we will to continue to pray for more rain.

Tight lines….

Bert Rodriguez
January 9, 2012


Game wardens patrol Possum Kingdom Lake during wildfires in April 2011.

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  1. January 14, 2012 at 8:40 PM

    I love that place.

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